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Geraldine Lamb Dance Company.

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

The Geraldine Lamb Dance Company is a performance group that represents the school at community events locally & occasionally at competitions. They rehearse at least once a week, but extra rehearsals are often required when an event is approaching. We have 3 groups that make up our Dance Company: Juniors, Seniors and Advanced.

Geraldine Lamb Dance Company Dancing since 1918

Many performances take place over weekends and students that are Company members are expected to put Company rehearsals & events ahead of other activities they may attend. To be part of Company students must dance exclusively with Geraldine Lamb Dance School. (Certain associate classes may be attended such as Royal Ballet School associates, Ballet Boost, Tap Attack).

We invite students to join each year for 12 months. Full details are given at that point. We know Geraldine Lamb Dance Company won’t suit everyone and we fully respect a parent's decision regarding this.

What do we look for when asking a student to join the Geraldine Lamb Dance Company

Any student that attends Ballet and two other dance class with GLDS and has a very good attendance record is considered to join our Junior Company.

We do expect them to be a minimum of Grade one ballet and 7 years old.

We like our company members to have achieved Distinction in a dance examination & 70 marks in a RAD ballet exam, although there is some leniency on this depending on circumstances. (For example, when we know the exams have been conducted by an examiner who is a hard marker or it may be the student doesn’t perform their best in exam conditions).

Our Company members have to work in a large group and work as a team.

We often find ourselves performing at outdoor events where facilities are limited where there is a lot of waiting around. We have to feel very confident that a student is going to cope with this. Otherwise, it can be very distressing for them and the rest of the group.

Our Advanced Company members are expected to be Advanced foundation and above Vocational ballet students, or close to approaching this standards.

Finally the commitment by the student and parents to ensure that the student is at all lessons and performances.

The last thing we want is to have a student join company and we have to ask to leave the group as they were not quite ready for it. This is very upsetting for both parties. So we try to be very careful before inviting a student.

We send out invites to join the Geraldine Lamb Dance Company, however, if we have not invited your son or daughter and you think it is something they would enjoy please speak to us we can then work together to make this happen.

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