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Since 1947 the school has produced an annual pantomime past productions have included Cinderella, Peter Pan, Babes in the Woods, Sleeping Beauty, and the Wizard of Oz . To take part in the pantomime students are required to attend an extra weekly rehearsals and as the production date approaches that is extends to a full afternoon on a Saturday.

Alternate years the school also holds a Summer show, this differs from the pantomime as dances are learnt in the students normal classes so no extra commitment is required part from the performance week. We hope that everyone gets involved including our Preschool students for whom we hold a special show experience event.

 At both of these productions our students are able to perform to a real audience in a proper theatre & get to enjoy wearing all the beautiful costumes that the school provide for them. It's a wonderful experience for the children & can really have a huge impact on their confidence & social skills. 

Students also have the opportunity to compete at dance festivals and competitions. Dances for these are learnt during private lessons for solos and duets and group dances are performed by our Geraldine Lamb Dance Company members.

During the Summer Holiday we run our Summer workshop, which is a week long intensive with theme which culminates in a  performance at the end of the week.

The Geraldine Lamb Dance Company also performs at local community events.

Information regarding being part of a performance is given out at the point you need to register to take part  joining one of our performances, simply call us on  or email

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