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Dance School Testimonials

"Great dance school.

 Supportive and real. Professional teachers with a wealth of experience. Highly recommend."

— Cassie Woodford

Happy Customers of the Geraldine Lamb Dance School

My daughter has been with GLDS since she was 3.5 now 11, from 1 class to many classes, she loves her dance family & friends and enjoys the opportunities she gets to preform. She is learning not only dance skills but life skills and self-confidence that she can take with her whatever she decides to do in the future.

_Donna Ware

Geraldine lambs has been a part of my daughters lives for just over 12 years, always providing a caring teaching and nurturing environment which has given them the confidence and teamwork experience to be able to pursue their futures with self resilience, I shall forever be grateful to them for helping to shape them into amazing young people.

My daughter started dancing with Geraldine lamb 10 years ago and thanks to the amazing teaching and encouragement from all the faculty is now studying ballet full time.

We have had comments from so many teachers from around the country about the high standard of her early training and what an amazing foundation her time at Geraldine lamb has given her. Even after leaving the school Sue and the team have continued to be a constant source of help and support during our ballet journey. Thank you!

-Ruth Yarwood

9 years ago I brought my Daughter along for a ballet class to trial… Somewhere along the way she is now taking part in all of the genres you offer as a dance school. You have continued to offer her the very best guidance from your amazing qualified teaching facility who always go above and beyond for all students and she is now following her dream to pursue performing arts. 

GLDS is a family and we are very lucky to be part of it.

- Michelle Beer


-Heidi Hanfery

Geraldine Lamb Dance School has exceptionally skilled and supportive teachers who always get the best out of their students and create a family feel to the school. 

Both of my daughters dance with GLDS and they not only thoroughly enjoy their dance lessons but have also learnt skills for their future. Dance has become a huge part of their lives and they are consistently inspired and grow in confidence thanks to the wonderful teachers. We cannot thank the school enough for what they do.

-Emma Terry

Geraldine Lamb Dance School has run in my family for many years and now my daughter has been attending for the last 3 years and danced like it’s in her genes. She has been given the most biggest confidence boost since joining this school and gained many new friends along the way, the teachers have always been so supportive and always want the best for every child. Especially their yearly pantomimes which the children thoroughly enjoy doing together. This school doesn’t just feel like a dance school it brings the children & parents close together and makes us feel like a family. I am very grateful for my daughter to be apart of this school, my daughter wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.
-Danielle Walker Palmer

We've been with GLDS for nearly 3 years. The teaching has been fantastic and the girls' dancing has improved so much in this time. Our favourite thing about the school is the family feel, the parents are all so welcoming and the kids are all so nice to each other regardless of their age or ability. A huge highlight for us was taking part in the yearly panto which was incredible and such a fantastic thing for the girls' to have had the opportunity to participate in. What started as just one ballet class on a Saturday morning has rather taken over a huge part of our lives now but the girls' love it and we look forward to seeing them progress even further over the coming years.

-Joanna Birkett

Geraldine Lamb is an amazing dance school. I loved going when I was younger and now my 2 daughters enjoy going. The teachers are friendly and supportive with exceptional skills in all areas of dance. My eldest daughter’s confidence has grown so much in the 3 years she has been at the dance school. The yearly pantomimes are a highlight.

-Zoe Jones

My daughter started dancing with Geraldine Lamb at the age of 3…. 7 years on, she has grown in confidence and they have been beside her every step ( and pirouette) of the way! Supportive teachers who are not only qualified in what they do but make time for each and every student… A huge thank you. Erin wouldn’t be where she is today without you all.

-Donna Douglas

My daughter has been dancing with Geraldine Lamb since she was 4 years old, and has thrived over the years and her confidence has grown immensely. The support from the teachers is exceptional, from preparing for exams to external dance school auditions and annual pantomimes. My daughter is also studying her GCSE dance with GLDS. There have been amazing opportunities provided to the dancers such as a trip to London where the dancers took part in workshops at Pineapple Studios and a hugely exciting opportunity to dance on stage at Disneyland Paris. Dance is a huge part of my daughter’s life and we are forever grateful for the support GLDS has shown to us!

_ Kerry Quirk

My daughter has been dancing with Geraldine Lamb Dance School for 5 years and attends many of the dance genres that are offered by the school. The teachers are all fully qualified, very supportive and go above and beyond to get the best out of all their students. My daughter loves her dancing and she has made lots of new friends over the years. Thank you for supporting her and helping her to build so much more in confidence. Team GLDS, you are the best!
-Tracy Kennedy
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