Geraldine Lamb Dance School 

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Plymouth & Saltash

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New Facebook Page

We have a new private Facebook page for parents and guardians of our current students. Please ask to join we will approve you as fast as we can. It is an area where we can have fun, post pictures, sell secondhand uniform even tell jokes. While we are in lockdown we have also been adding extra resources to the page to help with our students progression. Our original Facebook page is then our face to the world where we can celebrate everything GLDS including the achievements of your children.


We would dearly love to run next years pantomime, we have even pencilled in the date for it to happen, as soon as we know theatres can reopen in a situation where performances can take place, we will get rehearsals underway. If this means it takes place a little later in the year so be it. What we don't want to do is to ask for deposits when we do not know when it will be possible.

If you paid a deposit for the Summer Show this will be returned to you during the first week of term.


Examinations are taking placing by video for Royal Academy of Dance, and ISTD. We hoping to film these during April as soon as lockdown eases. The advantage of filmed examinations is that the entry does not need to be made until a few days before the examination allowing us to add or remove students as required giving us the reassurance that should some need to self isolate they will not lose any part of their entry fee and we will be able to film them when they are able to join in again. 

IDTA have just announced that they will also be conducting exams by video. We are in the process of organising a session.

New Uniform

We are currently replacing a few items of uniform, but there is no need to buy the new designs until the old ones need replacing.

Leggings and vest tops are in the final stage of being designed by a local Plymouth Company-Kit World

Outer wear is available from Saltash Uniforms

Leotards for Grade 1 and above are available but there are some issues with supply at the moment due to lockdowns around the world.

Grade 1 & 2 colour is Aqua

Grade 3,4 & 5 colour is Marine

Grade 6, 7 & 8 colour is Teal

There are pink shrugs for all grades rather than the old fashioned crossover.

All these items will be available from the school shop.


A quick reminder that tap shoes worn at our classes must have been bought from the dance school's own shop. Please do not loosen taps if this needs to happen a teacher will do it for you.

We ask this so we can protect the floor of the premises we use. If you are not in the correct tap shoes or there are screws protruding from the tap you will be asked to take them off.